• Mentor the Manager

    IT Managers require advice, guidance and reassurance that they are working on an appropriate task at the appropriate time. Knowing that their work will be assessed by someone with technical experience and skill will motivate them and provide a healthy and rewarding work ethic within the department. You will benefit from an IT team that performs well and achieves goals that are set within realistic time frames and budgets.

    Compliance Review

    Your company needs to know that all legal requirements are met and that any change in regulation is acted upon swiftly and with due diligence. Examples are Data Protection, FSA and PCI compliance.

    Project Planning

    Creating a living document is essential for effective project planning to ensure timescales and budgets are met. This can form part of a regular progress report to the board and Management.

    Business Continuity Plan (Disaster Recovery)

    All businesses should have a documented Business Continuity Plan that should be owned by the business and not just by IT. Working with every department within your business, we can integrate a policy that will outline roles and responsibilities in the event of a disaster. As business owners you can be confident that the business will carry on without loss of revenue or reputation.

    IT Policy and Procedure Documentation and Implementation

    Policy and procedure documentation that is regularly updated and embraced by your people is a key building block for the successful and secure growth of any business. Key elements are information security and data handling. With our guidance, you can be confident that full understanding of their importance and appropriate actions are taken by employees with respect to these and other vital policies and procedures.

    Improve Communication to and from the Board and Management Team

    Ideally there should be one communication channel from the board to the IT team. It would be normal practice for the Board to agree projects with the IT Director who would then work with the IT Manager to plan and execute the work.

    Review of Deployed Systems

    Many companies grow in an adhoc fashion, the systems employed should be reviewed on a regular basis. On many occasions there will be systems not working due to poor implementation and redundant systems where cost savings can be made.

    Review of Suppliers and Support Contracts

    A regular review of all contracts should take place to ensure value for money and a fit for purpose service is provided. Cost savings are almost always found if reviewed by an experienced IT Director.