• The Coster Group

    The Coster Group is a leading multinational manufacturer of aerosol spray and dispensing packaging components and filling machines, with annual revenues of €150 million. The company offers a complete range of aerosol valves, actuators, spray caps, spray pumps and dispensers. The UK operation manufactures in excess of 250 Million aerosol valves each year.

    Omicron have been supporting Coster’s network since 1997 and we have overseen many different projects and changes.

    In 2011, Omicron were asked to replace an ageing server infrastructure and to connect a new warehouse to the network.

    Two IBM x series rack mount servers were installed in a new cabinet and all users, applications and data were migrated to Microsoft Windows Server 2008 R2. Two legacy servers running Oracle database applications were virtualised using Microsoft Hyper-V and all of the old servers were discontinued.

    The project was completed on time and on budget with no downtime for end users. The resulting solution uses less servers and less power than the original, saving money on energy and support.

    The new warehouse was linked using a Cisco wireless Bridge connection saving Coster 50,000 over a BT fibre (building to building) solution. Omicron also installed Cisco Small Business Pro switches to connect the external wireless bridges to the internal network.

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